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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Gamiss first order - my honest review

Hello my darlings,
Today I am writing a new review, my honest review of my first order from Gamiss. Gamiss is an international online store with a very wide range of products that offers an extensive selection, lowest prices, shipping direct to your door and an exceptional customer service. First of all I have to say that I like very much this store because they have many products, clothing, beauty products, hair products, jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, home and garden products, technology, everything you want and need they might have it. They are perfect for choosing your Valentine’s day gifts. Second, I have to say that my first order arrived very quickly, in less than two weeks. It was a nice surprise because it was a flat rate shipping, the only method available for Italy once you fill in the address.  If I were to know that the products were going to arrive so soon I would have chosen my Valentine’sgifts 2018 here. Gamiss Valentine’sgifts 2018 are a wide and great range of objects where one can surely find something beautiful for her/his special one.
Let’s talk now about my order. First of all I need to say that the products were very well packed and everything arrived intact. That being said I will start talking about the products I have ordered.

The first product I will talk about is the CobblestonesPrinted Toilet Bath Mat Set and as you can see in the photos below the pattern is gorgeous with beautiful colors that seem almost real. At touch the fabric is soft and offers a beautiful feeling. This product is very practical because the carpet is quite snug and does not slip. The only disadvantages in my opinion are the fact that it does not absorb very well the water and the fact that they are a little bit small but the set is worth the money anyways.

The second product I ordered is the TODO beautycontour synthetic  hair brush and I have to say that is one of my favorite products. It is a good quality brush with soft but robust bristles and an easily manageable handle. The brush attracts the product well and contains it without dispersing it in the air. The shape of this brush is perfect for contouring. I like very much the handle, very comfortable to use and very elegant as well. The design is very practical and comfortable, it can be easily packed in a beauty case and the size allows you to take it when traveling too. In conclusion, this product definitely deserves its price.

The third product I ordered and in this case too, another one of my favorites, is the Octopus shaped head and scalp manual massagerfor stress relief and blood circulation improvement. The first time I became familiar with this kind of product was at my hairdresser. She had a similar object and used it to massage the scalp of her clients in order to remove stress and increase customer satisfaction. While we were waiting for the hair mask to take effect she used to indulge us with a similar product. Therefore when I saw this product I knew I had to have it. It can be used easily, all you need to do is to put it on your head and move it up and down changing the position if desired. It can offer a beautiful sensation of cuddle and relax. The metal fingers are very flexible and have a round point at the end so one can’t hurt himself. The handle is very practical and allows a good usage of the product. The only thing not so positive is the fact that it is made for people with a rather small head so I can not reach the back of the neck on myself. If I were to use it on my husband’s head it wouldn’t cover his head.

The forth product is 15 Colors Matte ConcealerCamouflage Makeup Palette. As you can see this palette has 15 colors that allows to conceal small skin defects like acne (green) dark circlea (yellow, orange, etc) small blemishes, and obtain a natural color to the skin. I haven’t used all colors yet because I don’t need to but those I have used are good enough to hide my small defects. I have few and small skin tone defects so I can’t say if a person with more important problems can have an acceptable result. The consistency of the product is an oily one so it does not dry your skin and it doesn’t leave that powdery and fake aspect to your skin. I still need to try it on summer and see if it can work on high heat too. One thing that I don’t like is the fact that it has a pearlescent finish. It is not a bio product, as you can see the ingredients list in the photo it contains silicones.

The fifth product I ordered is the Small MonkeyDrying Machine Nail Tool. I was very curious to try this object although I had a personal method of drying fast my nails. The machine is very cute, it really looks like in the photo on the website and is rather small so it doesn’t occupy much space. To dry my nails I had to place one finger at a time on the banana button and press. Air was blown from the space in front of the button not from the monkey’s mouth. The machine comes without batteries and without a power wire. I used rechargeable batteries therefore the power of the monkey machine was greater. Using this kind of batteries the result was good enough but with normal batteries I don’t know if the result might be sufficient. This is not a good way to dry your nails when you are in a hurry because each nail must be dried separately but you can do it while you watch a movie. The only inconvenience is the fact that it makes noise when blowing air.

The last product I wish to talk about is the RammelElephant Turquoise Blue Jewelry Set. This set can be a wonderful gift, in fact I have in mind a special person for this gorgeous jewelry. This set is made of a pendant necklace, a bracelet and earrings. It has a beautiful elephant pattern enriched with gorgeous and fine inlays. I like very much the blue turquoise stones, they look very elegant and refined. The necklace is made of a solid link chain that looks delicate and is very practical and the earrings have a wonderful aspect and a weight that will make them noticed. I haven’t found any inconvenience for this jewelry and I think the price is more than right for the quality of the product.

Thank you for your visit, don't hesitate to comment and ask questions if you need clarifications. I look forward seeing you again. Have a beautiful Sunday!

IT: Questo post è una collaborazione occasionale, i prodotti sono stati regalati ma questo non ha influito sulla mia valutazione. Le denominazioni, immagini ed eventuali link presenti sono anche a scopo informativo.
ENG: This post is an occasional collaboration,the products were given to me but this did not influenced my evaluation. Denominations, pictures and links present in this article serve also for an informative purpose


  1. Cara Flo, è bello immaginarti che sei una persona molto moderna, sai un bagno così arredato se anche sono un vecchio mi piace davvero.
    Ciao e buon inizio della settimana con un forte abbraccio e un sorriso:-)

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    Super cool items :D

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  3. As usual very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  4. I will if mitt that I have never heard of this company before but I really love the products that you shared here today. These would make very good gifts and that is very important as it is almost Valentine’s Day! Have a great week ahead!

  5. Great post dear

    Have a nice day! :)

  6. Uhhh what a great haul
    and thank you for this honest review.

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  7. Olá Flo,

    Estou encantada com o conjunto de banheiro, muito lindo. O site tem muitos itens bacanas, eu adorei.

    Um beijo

  8. Great post dear :) ♥
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  9. Your orders are fantastish dear 😊

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    Questo post è davvero molto bello e interessante!
    Baci baci C.

    1. Ti ringrazio per la visita, il commento e il follow.

  14. Ciao Flo! Non conosco questo store online. Il pennello sembra molto denso di setole ed è sintetico e facile da tener pulito!
    Un abbraccio

  15. I know this website but I haven't buy anything there. Have a good day

  16. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us.....we are waiting for your another write ups.. have a nice day....keep posting!!
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  17. Flo the Small MonkeyDrying Machine Nail Tool is very cool! I have never tried it and I'm curious too!

    1. è veramente molto interessante e divertente anche!


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