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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Luxurious silk

Hello dear readers,
How are you today? I fell somewhat melancholic lately and in need for some pampering and I was looking for a way to feel special and beautiful in my own skin. I was thinking that there it couldn’t be anything better than the touch of the silk on my skin. Browsing the internet I stumbled upon an interesting and fascinating silk store. I love silk and I love the way I feel when I wear it, it makes me feel elegant and sophisticated. The silk originated in China in the 4th millenium BC and it opened to Europe and the rest of the world due to the Silk Road. In Europe silk became highly demanded in the circles of nobles and rich people and became synonymous with wealth and luxury. 
FreedomSilk is on online store that sells 100% pure silk products at competitive prices and allows different payment options like PayPal, credit card, Visa and American Express and the most beautiful clothing and bedding items. 

I was thinking that there could be no better pampering sensation than that of sleeping in silk pijamas. This store has many proposals, there are simple and solid color pijamas or pattern stylish pijamas. One can choose a simple and delicate white pijama or a floral and exotic pattern one for a fun and delightful evening. This fabric is a real caress for the skin and sleeping wrapped in this fabric can only guarantee a deep and restful sleep. 

If you prefer to feel at ease and avoid uncomfortable seams, you can always choose a silk nightgown and forget all your worries. This comfortable night wear are perfect for all those that love luxury but still want to feel at ease. 

I have always had problems sleeping and I imagined that resting my head on silk pilowcases could help me with this. I studied psychology and I know that the external and environmental conditions can influence our dreams and I was wondering how could my dreams change in these circumstances. 

Do you also believe that a silk bed set could help you sleep like a baby and dream peaceful and wonderful dreams like those of a fairy tale? I remeber a scene from a book I have read many years ago called “The Bed of Procust” where a man suddenly feels more attracted to a woman after he touches her body covered by a soft, silky fabric and that has always made me believe that silk can also help love making. The touch of silk can bring love making a step closer to a trip in paradise therefore I can only wonder what a silk bed set could do.
 Have you ever tried sleeping covered and surrounded by silk? I know I would feel like a princess or better still, like a queen and I am sure that any other women would feel the same because there is something royal and noble about silk that fascinates us all.


Questo post è una collaborazione occasionale. Le denominazioni, immagini ed eventuali link presenti sono anche a scopo informativo.

This post is an occasional collaboration. Denominations, pictures and links present in this article serve also for an informative purpose.


  1. Great choices 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. mi piace tutto, ma il pigiama con le rose è il mio preferito!!!

  3. Love the silk pjs - looks so comfy !

  4. Il pigiama nero con stampa floreale è adorabile!!!

  5. silk pilowcases are good for skin and hair.

  6. Hopefully you feel much better now and pampering oneself with silk is a fantastic idea. I love this material and what you share here for sure.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. I love silk too.
    Comfy and luxe...♥


  8. I have to buy silk pilowcases, these silk items are really gorgeous, thanks for sharing!:)

    1. Yes tey are, hope you'll find what you need.

  9. Ma quanto sono belli quei pigiami?
    In seta poi... devono essere una vera coccola per il corpo!

  10. Ce bine arată toate aceste lucruri, am sa vizitez această pagină, are lucruri frumoase! Te pup! ♡♡♡

  11. Ciao! Non ho mai sentito parlare di questo sito ma sembra interessante. Belle scelte, comunque!♥

  12. Mi piace molto la camicia da notte blu col pizzo !! Saluti.

  13. They are looking very beautiful. Silk is a comfortable fabric :)


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